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The Museum’s space at CitySkate will be open during the following hours:

November 24 | 9 am – 10 pm

November 25 – 26 | 3 – 10 pm
*Hands-on activites, Saturday, Nov. 25, 3pm and 5 pm 

November 27  - January 7:
Monday - Thursday | 5 pm - 10 pm
Friday - Sunday  | 3pm- 10 pm 

The space will be closed on December 24 – 25, 31, and January 1.

Admission is free for all ages.


From November 24 through January 7, Phoenix Art Museum will take over a retail space at CityScape and will host a special installation, performances, pop-up shop and more, during the annual CitySkate ice-skating event in downtown Phoenix. The space is called PhxArt Project: CityScape and we look forward to seeing you there! See day-by-day schedule here. 


PhxArtProject: CityScape will feature an original installation, entitled Cacerolazo, by artist Saskia Jordá. In Spanish, cacerolazo refers to the action of striking a pot to make a loud sound, as well as a unique form of political protest that consists simply of a group of people making noise by banging on pots and pans. Originating in South America in the 1970s in response to food shortages, the cacerolazo is a remarkable form of demonstration, a cathartic activity that enables participants to make themselves heard without saying a word. This particular form of social activism is also uniquely accessible, as it need not go physically into the streets. While the action may take the form of a public gathering, it can also emanate from within homes, the sounds of individual pots and pans traveling from neighborhood kitchens, living rooms, and balconies to form a collective din.

Inspired by a cacerolazo from the artist’s childhood in Venezuela, to which she made a contribution from the balcony of her family’s apartment, Jordá’s installation will consist of hundreds of pots, pans, and utensils, suspended at varying heights from the ceiling rafters within reach of the viewer. The ladles and other utensils will be covered in yarn, and beneath the suspended pots will lie a river of red fibers. At select times, viewers may be invited to interact with the installation as well as experience on-site performances and programs including dance, music, and hands-on activities. While Cacerolazo is a work laden with many possible interpretations, one crucial theme that lies at the heart of the piece is its appeal to viewers, imploring them to reflect on their actions during moments of crisis and examine the role of peaceful protest in the face of injustice and unrest.


In addition to the featured installation and an outdoor installation, The Museum Store’s pop-up shop will be open throughout the run of Cacerolazo.

There will also be performances and activities in the space on Saturdays and Sundays, including:

- SentiDos Dance, a brand-new project led by Joan Rodriguez and Taimy Miranda, with the collaboration of David Olarte (Stilo Dance) and Convergence Ballet;
- dancer and choreographer Steven Redondo;
- dancer and choreographer Liliana Gomez
Oh My Ears, an organization that fosters the creation and sharing of new music by connecting emerging composers, ensembles, and musicians with one another and the greater Phoenix community.
- Cut + Paste PHX
- Slender Loris
- Amber Walker
- Tandem Duo